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Autism Floortime Therapy in Bellmore, NY

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, floortime therapy may be right for you. A and J Behavioral Health, Inc. provides floortime therapy for families affected by autism in Bellmore, NY.

Opening Doors to Communication

Floortime therapy is a special kind of treatment designed to help children with autism improve their communication abilities by meeting them at their own level. During floortime therapy, parents and therapists play alongside the child on the floor, allowing the child to take the lead by participating in the activities he or she enjoys. As parents and therapists enter into the child’s play, they help guide the child through increasingly complex interactions, opening the door to communication. In addition to working with the child, the therapist also works closely with the parents, laying the foundation for further work at home.

If your family is affected by autism, find out whether floortime therapy is right for you. Contact A and J Behavioral Health, Inc. in Bellmore, NY today to schedule your consultation.